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Corrosive etching

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So, I am washing the truck yesterday to which I find this...



It is hard to tell from the picture, but what you are looking at is the paint bubling on the surface of the cladding. The pattern follows what looked like a light mud splash and is present only on the drivers side behind both wheel wells.

Obviously something corrosive enough got on the surface and etched itself into the paint.

Any of you details guys have any idea if this is fixable?

I have already prepared myself for the worst and it is going in to a paint shop for an estimate.



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if you run your fingernails across the area can you feel indentions (like cuts) or protrusions (like dried bug guts), or is it just visual? if it is a protrusion or like somthing dried i would recommend getting a mothers clay bar kit a taking some time to try it yourself. if it is just in that little area behind the tire you might want to consider try =ing some rubbing compound. try this two or three times then a couple of coats of wax should do. if none of this works the only thing left would be to prep for paint.... :(

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Well, what ever it is did a damn good job. The paint bubbled up and is now peeling. :eek::dunno:


The guy I normally take my truck to for paint work said he might be able to fix it. He will have to sand & repaint the area. He also said he will try to fix it without removing the cladding. That kind of bothers me a little.


My biggest worry at this point is color matching. :shakehead:


Thanks guys.

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Dang man that sux, what about warrenty? Isnt there something about the cladding you can warrenty? I have heard of people getting new cladding because theirs rippled and stuff. Hope this isnt a common problem, i have some marks on my cladding which look like water marks but I cant get them out with anything, bout to go to the dealer to see about since i have the GM teflon paint protection. Good Luck with your turn out

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