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Won My First Wally!!!


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Anyone who know anything about drag racing knows what the "Wally" is and how much signicance it holds...With that being said, I finally won one after 3 years of trying at the Summit Series/King of the Track event at California Dragway on Sunday. I had to win my category (Sportsman, approx. 70 cars) then I had to race the winners of the other categories (Super Pro, Pro, and Motorcycle) to win the Wally. It was the best day of racing in my entire career thus far. And...Best of all, I DID IT IN MY SS!!!!!!!!! :driving::D

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Well I guess no one else has the balls to ask..  What's a Wally?


I've never taken a vehicle to a track, so you could call me a racing newb..





congrats either way, but what is a wally?

Congrats man that's really cool......but do share for us simple uneducated folks

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Congrats on winning the Wally :thumbs:


Wally is the NHRA equivalent of an Oscar to an actor/actress, so to speak.


It's named after Wally Parks founder of the NHRA, as well as Hot Rod Magazine


RacerBubba is in a pretty exclusive group :cheers:


Very coveted trophy in drag racing


They are only awarded at NHRA sanctioned event and you GOTTA win...no popularity contest.


Racerbubba post up the details, # rounds, times, breakout racing, etc.

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Yes, it's the kind of racing where you have to be consistent not fast and God knows, I aint that fast. In the semi's of the King of the Track race, I had to race a motorcycle...very hard to judge them at the finish line. Anyway, I won that race on a double breakout (he went too fast for his dial-in and so did I, however he went further under his dial-in than I did). In the final of the King of the Track, I dialed 14.74 and ran a 14.740.

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