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Vortech SC

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should work great, but for which 6.0L? the one for the LQ9 comes with the aftercooler which is far better. 10psi and a 5.3L is fun.



For an SS (LQ9), and comes with the aftercooler...



that is by far the better system to go with for your truck. 10psi with the aftercooler would make for some good power. you'll just have to have some programming changes.

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If you can get it for that much, take it and don't look back. Make sure you get the marine fuel injectors with it and try your best to make sure it has all the harware.....this is a very involved kit and has more parts to it then you would think. By the way you will be VERY happy with it. The going price for this kit is from $4200 to retail $5300.

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