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Just a few PICS from the weekend.. 56K


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This weekend was the LIVE 8 Concert which was held in philadelphia as well as all over the world but philly was the only US city to hold it. We are estimated to have at least 3-4 times the amount of people there than the next biggest city who held it. I was really amazed at the turnout and all the preparation that needed to take place for this. I must say it was an awesome time, jamming a million people in the city right by the Art Museum was pretty chaotic but turnd out awesome. Jay Z and linkin park's set was my favorite of them all. It was extemely hot there and I'm guess that drinking a lot of alcohol the night before into the day of the concert from wasnt the best idea, i'm still recovering. Here are a few pics, i have about 150+ but figured i would post up a couple for now. Enjoy








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