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mwarren and I


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Mr. Warren came all the way down from Seymour to Owensboro for the Hot Rod Truck Show and we decided to meet up and take some pics. And btw, pictures of his truck do it no justice. He has a very clean very slick truck. We had some wild trucks at the show, and he was as nice as most. He has done a great job so far and I can only imagine the plans he has. Not to mention hes a supernice guy and hope he comes back to visit and do some cruisin. Heres our pics we took down on Owensboro's Riverfront.













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JH, thanks for the compliments on the SS. Guys for a RC he has done a great job with his truck. It is very sharp and he too has a lot of great ideas in store. Can't wait to see the finished truck. I will definitely be back in town (my family would disown me if I didn't) and we will have to cruise the town and watch people stare. The Hot Rod Truck show was a good experience but I was well out of my league. It was a hot but good time. Glad to have been able to meet up with another great guy from the site and talk trucks. Until next time :cheers:

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