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All right all my SS brothers it is time to louden up my 05. Can't really make up my mind on which exhaust system to go with. I usually go with flowmaster, but want to get ya'lls thoughts on it. Is there another exhaust that might work/sound better than the flowmaster? :banghead:



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You are going to get as many opinions as posts. The best thing you can do is go take a ride with people with different exhausts. Hearing the exhaust at idle, WOT, and cruise is the only way to find the right exhaust for you. I have flowmasters after a magnaflow x-pipe and it's nice at idle and aroud town, but terrible at cruise, even with a dynamatted cab. I wouldn't choose flowmaster again because of the resonance. If I had to choose a new setup today, I'd probably try a Magnaflow system with a pair of resonators after the cats. Or best of all, I'd buy a pair of high-quality electric cutouts, so I could select my exhaust tone from in-cab.

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It all comes down to what your personal preference is. I had my exhaust custom made by a local shop, 3" daul exhaust with x pipe, and flowmaster race mufflers which exits out under the bumper. It has a lot of interior resonce though. Out side it has a strong, raw sounding tone, but to me louder is aways better! :driving:

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