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ati procharger questions

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hey guys thinkin bout a procharger for the ol ss. and after that definitly a stall prob 3000, i wanna know if i upgraded to the 3 core and the d-1sc would i need to rebuild the tranny? My current mods are pedator programmer prob be switching to a custom tune from pcm, 2 40 series flows, and a drop in. What are you guy's advice and what kind of numbers do you think i would run with it and would the motor be fine as well with no other mods then what i have, thanks guys



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One way or the other you will need something to help out the tranny. A shift will help for a little while, maybe longer. Motor should safely handle 10 pounds of boost and maybe some occasional hits at 12 pounds.

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I installed my procharger, ran it for 8,000 miles with no tranny problems. After 8,000 it started to lag into gear a little, so I put a zippy kit in which helped but the delayed shifts didn't go away. If I had done the shift kit and boost valve and everything ahead of time I think I would be just fine now. But if you are taking it out to do a stall you might as well get in there and do everything else.


Let us know how it goes.


I also have flowmaster 40's, with no cats though, and you can look in my garage for the power I put down. That was with a 3.7" pulley hitting 9 lbs. at 6,000 RPM.



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