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had aquestionabout mods. now i make pretty good money but i still need that 6yr. 60k warranty i've got. any mod void that you know of? my next modification i plan on going to pcm 4 leSS, any advice? oh yeah thanks for the replies, i already feel very welcome!!!!

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PCM won't do a thing to your warranty.


For the most part the following things are "warranty safe" with most dealers:


PCM Tune






If you get much beyond that then you're risking warranty void-age. It really depends on the dealer... I usually think its a good idea to talk to a service manager at the dealer you use and ask him what thier policy on mods is. My dealer for example has no problem with tranny mods in moderation as long as they use GM parts. Corvette servo for example is perfectly accpetable at this dealer.

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I live on se michigan and was wondering if any of you guys know any dealers that will get my tranny fixed my warranty is over but I just bought one from warranty direct and it's also bumper to bumper.I want to get it fixed cause it slips alot and I'm planning to put the radix and zippy shift kit .. Any help out there thanks.

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