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Happy Birthday Beer Cans


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Need an excuse for a party? Well how about this: It's the 70th birthday of the beer can is today... July 12th!!


The "tinnie" arrived in the world in 1935. Before that you just had to go down the pub.


The original can was made by the Gottfried Krueger Brewery of New York and filled with beer.


It was introduced in Britain months later by the Felinfoel Brewery, of Llanelli, South Wales.


The first one was 12 times heavier than today's lightweight cans.


Production stopped in 1938 because metal was needed for bullets and armaments in the Second World War.


But the beer can really took off in the 1950s when steel cans were replaced with aluminum ones.


The biggest leap forward, though, came with the invention of the ring pull in 1963.


Another milestone arrived in 1990 with the widget which allows beer to keep its "just pulled" frothy head. Every day 21 million cans are now cracked open in the UK.


A few final thoughts: If all the drink cans made annually in this country were laid end to end they would stretch 19 times around the globe.


And their contents would fill 1,026 Olympic swimming pools.


Stacked on top of one another they would reach the moon!


Beverage Can Makers Europe say modestly: "It's one of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century."


Have a nice July 12, 2005!

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