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Anybody ever raced THIS Dakota?


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No I am serious, I actually beat him :D  I would show you the videao but the government forces me to keep it top secret.



i bet our resident 10 second SS beat him. the video is in the mail. :jester:

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I would have bid, but I'm looking for one with afterburners. I'd pay 20-grand to give a few 'burner pops in 5 o-clock traffic.


I wonder how the truck gets up and goes. I don't know how thrust compares to ft/lbs of torque. I also have to wonder if the engines are being chocked of air being rather close to the cab. (down on power?)


Seriously though, I love this stuff. The whole start sequence of jet-cars makes the hairs on my neck stand up.


Does anyone happen to have that website that's all about home-made jet engines? They show how to build them out of old turbo's... There's even a video of a guy running a jet out of a figher, bought through military surplus, that he repaired. The thing is chained to trees in his back-yard, and setup on a stand. It sounds INSANE. It looks like one of those old NASA test video's of experimental rockets, except it's not in the desert.

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