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Spare Tire

LSR Mike

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Well, I got a flat saturday, what's up with the Spare tire system? I did everything on that little Flap foldout thingy on the tool bag and the spare wouldn't drop, the cable would come down but the tire just hung there??? I monkeyed around with the piece that the cable runs thru and it finally came down. I have no idea what finally broke it loose. Anyway, the spare gives it a kinda NASCAR look, but funny with 20" chromes on the other wheels. Another funny thing, the spare is a DUNLOP?

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Thats wierd that is didnt drop, never heard of that. I have 4 spares like that one for the winter time since I dinged up and broke one SSS rim this past winter. The all black doesnt look that bad. I didnt even check to see if it was a Dunlop, thats odd also

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