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Thanks for your Support.

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I just wanted to say thanks to all the members for your support. It makes me feel good that a lot of people are behind us during these hard times. Well, I'm here in Iraq now and it is very, very, very, very hot. I can't begin to describe how hot it is out here. I'll try to keep everyone updated on the situation out here. Thanks again everyone. :flag:


Sgt Serrano

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Sgt, I hope things are going well, I'm gearing up to take my platoon out for our annual 2 week traingin to Eagle Mountain in so cal.... If you've been there you know the climate is a lot like where your at. Thankx soo much for going back....I really appreciate it. I may be joining you soon so take care and enjoy. :flag:

Cpl Chitwood

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SGT, take care of yourself and your Marines. Fortunately, you have been there before so the experience you gained the first time will no doubt be the saving grace your less experienced Marines will be conforted by.


I just finished some Intelligence training here in Arizona and was shocked at how hot it has been in the Tucson/Sierra Vista area 100+ temperature for 39 straight days. Kinda reminds me of the midnight weather of Kuwait and South Iraq- :lol: . As you may know, the farther North you get the cooler it is; albeit 115-125 as opposed to 130-140F.


Take care of yourself. I just found out I am going back to Iraq as either a Military Intelligence Company First Sergeant or the G2 Intelligence Sergeant Major :flag: . Take Care Marine and let us know if you need anything. I have already forwarded your message for Pen pals to my wife. She is a Army Physician Assistant with plenty of single Medics. MTF.

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