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muffler question?


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I'm going to change my muffler and I'm having a really hard time deciding what to get.I've read many of the past posts and was wondering if anybody has ever had one or has any experience with Spin Tech Mufflers.A local shop owner has recommended them to me but I wanted to see what the experts think so any opinions,thoughts or comments would really be appreciated. Thanks

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SpinTech was the first muffler I tried. Two 2-1/2" in:single 3" out to stock tip. I'll admit it made noticable power over stock. But was just a pinch queiter than straights. Made my ears ring driving to work. :mad:

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this may be a good thread to bring back up as i'm guaging interest in the spintech system



check out the IA GTG thread.. will be hearing all the mufflers this sat. and can give ya feedback.. personally in about and hour iam heading back down to muffler shop to hear the spins, flow, mag and a few others and decide myself.. i have no cats and replaced with a reasonator/glasspack at the cat location.. cleaned up the rasp. hollow sound. now deciding on the muff. to go with. my muffler guy is getting a few more muffs in today, so there fore is the waiting game.. can give feedback in a few hours.. but with the response already, iam for sure going to listen to the spins !!

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