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well i think this may have started out as a joe gibbs but this guy put alot of money into it, he had ecsalade fornt clip custom paint(ghost flames), dropped on 22'' with cal tracs(22 were weld evo forged) he had a radix with custom intake bigger heat exchanger (puss pulley 3.3) cowl hood, custom stereo with a 10 inch molded into the dash(like the one jon posted) some kind of subs (i didnt look he was kind of cocky). Fenched in caddy lights, roll pan ,shaved gate, speedstur bed cover, stop tech 4 piston up front with stock painted in the back, slotted rotors.He said he had a shift kit and servos .


last i asked if he took it to the track , to my surprise he did.He said his best was 12.80 and he ran slicks. I thought it could have been faster but it is a 5.3 so i dont know .He probably did it at irwindale or california .He said he goes to irwindale 1/8th mile every thursday.I may go down there one of these day to check it out.I told him i had a truck that would eat his out of the whole but i was just talkin crap for sh!ts and giggles.Sorry for the long post here is some crap pics form the phone.





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he actually came back in a few days after,He said it started out as a regular scsb 5.3 and he did all of this to it.He said he is adding a 50 shot of n2o soon.he wasnt as cocky as i thought, after i started talking to him he seemed to be pretty cool. i started telling him about my truck and he liked the part about the baer's alot, i also mentioned a tb converter for a 2800 stall and he just looked at me like wtf?but still a nice truck. too bad he didnt let me drive it. :devil:

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There is a truck VERY similar to that in Truckin this month...but its stepside.....same paint scheme....Escalade clip......same wheels but 20's.....same style brakes..etc.....even the same under hood treatment....Radix...painted to match components......actually....its identical other than the fact that it is fleetside.....the Cal-Trac bars.....the Stop Techs....servo's.....wow....thats odd........

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