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Does anyone else work in a freezer?!


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Brrrrrrrrr it is so f-ing cold in my office - my knucles ACHE. Unlike my coworkers, I do not have the added benefit of an extra layer of blubber so I am freezing my butt off. I have been wearing long sleeves to work (in JULY?!) and double-socks to keep my toes warm but I swear my fingers are about suffering frostbite. I kick the A/C back up to a reasonable 73-ish but I am loosing the war, they just crank that bad dog back down. I swear it's like summer in San Francisco in here :mad:


Mr. P. :)

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i work for a food dist. company vistar/vsa. well sell vending machine drinks and food, both snack foods and frozen sandwichs

At least you always have access to a nice cold refreshing drink when you need it :D On another note, my job last summer when i worked in the IT department for the PA Convention Center it was always freezing in that place.

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