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How do I post pictures?


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Once you've logged in, you should be able to click on 'edit' which is beside the picture of the your vehicle (or the vehicle that you want to edit, if you have more than 1 vehicle in your 'garage')


Or if you are viewing your page or any other part of CarDomain you will have to click 'my account' which is near the top on the right hand side highlighted in a yellow/orange 'bubble' in order to get to the 'edit' mentioned above.


Once you're in the edit section the 'upload' pics is near the top under the 'page contents' title bar.


Hope that helps.


Furthur info if anyone wants to know:


Once you've uploaded your pics, then you post them on your site with "IMG" "Number of pics you want to post" "Left, Right or Center Justification on the page" with < & > on either end like so:


<IMG 3 L> for pic 3 and having the pic towards the Left of the page.

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Is it suppose to be at the top of the "Page Content & Pics" page?  If so, mine doesnt work anymore.  I have uploaded many pictures before but now it wont let me.  It wont let me delete any either, so I dont know what to do



Ya that's the page. Just under the "Page Content & Pics" title bar, there should be a box that says "Upload Pics" with a place for you to type in the link or browse for the pic you want.


Right below that is where all your pics are displayed in thumb-nail format and below each pic (beside their numbers) it should say "delete" which you can click on and that of course will delete that pic.


If none of this is showing up, you may want to email cardomain's admin. and let them know there is problem.

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