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Hockey team


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What is this 'hockey' you speak of?  :jester:





Best Rivalry .... Boston and Montreal - Hands Down!!!!



Lol was the best rivalry untill bruins ownership started only caring about fielding the cheapest team on the ice while atleast playing before a half packed arena!The bruins organization is a joke they care 0 about winning they did nothing in the offseason except load up on old and 2nd rate talent when they had multiple opertunitys to sign players that are actually good!It showed in there fine 0-5 loss last night get ready for a long and losing filled season, oh but they did drop the price of tickets from 180 to 170 woohoo! :sigh:


Mabey someday if were lucky the entire ownership of the bruins will be gone and mabey get someone in who cares about the team and there fans!

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