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HPTuners, Where to buy


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Do yourself a big favor and don’t let Allen touch your tune.


Zippy is by far a better tuner then Allen, I have first hand experience to even back that up.  :banghead:


I know this as well. Zippy made my truck so much faster is it was not even funny! I will be bouncing Ideas off of zippy as well as logged runs. Zip Runs HPT and has great success with it.


I just have to chuckle reading this. I spent last Saturday afternoon with Zippy and feel like I have a whole new truck now from when I was running on my Nelson tune.


I'm not trying to badmouth anybody and I concede there's a definite advantage to a custom tune over any mail-order tune from anyone.


That being said, I am sorry if this amounts to vendor or administrator praise but nobody but Zippy is touching my programming from now on. :chevy:



I have the same opinion, as soon as I get my HPT I am logging and running with ZIppy. No question about it! He made my truck so much faster than a nelson it was crazy! :eek:


(as a side note, my nelson tune for all my mods is slower than my Brothers 03 SS with just a CAI and PCMforless tune. :cry: )

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A mail order tune can still be a custom tune.  Nobody can mail you one that is the "best" for your truck without taking a ride in it themselves after the tune is loaded.


Most tuners out there do more business mail order than they have people close enough to drive to them.


I think most mail order tunes can be attempts at custom tunes, based on the tuner's experience with similar or same mods on other vehicles. A lot of guesswork based not on your vehicle but past experience.


I think a true custom tune has to be done to and on your specific vehicle/combination so the tuner can see first hand the response of a particular vehicle to changes in tuning parameters.


It just seems that any two vehicles, even stock, are seldom the same. :P

It's still a custom tune. If your logic works then a "real" custom tune is done on a dyno. A dyno tune is the best you can get.


Mail order tunes are still based on your mods, therefore tailored, or custom. They can improve by feedback. Eveybody orders turbos, superchargers, heads, cam etc..and yet don't spend a few hundred extra to be able to log runs and provide ample feedback for the tuner to get the tune closer. Even if the tuner is there with you, the tune can still need some adjustment a week later, or a month, year, etc..


All tunes will be better than the stock one and leap years ahead of a handheld.

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