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Saw something pretty odd today


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i was on my way back from the gym and i look in the rear view and i see some dude on a street bike wheeling this sucker for a good while. This guy was going pretty fast also so i figured i would slow down a little to check him out while he was stunting a lil bit. I get stuck at a light and I'm watching as this guy puts the bike back down so he can stop. He pulls up on the right side of me to turn right at the intersection and i noticed something was a little odd. This guy was prob mid 30's wearing a suit and riding a hyabusa. Then i look on the back of his bike and he has a brief case tied down to it. I was cracking up thinking this is a professional business man and he is really riding the hell out of his bike on the way home from work. I gave him a :thumbs: and when the light turned green he gave me the nodd and was back to doing his 12 0'clock riding style down the road. I just thought it was one of the oddest things I saw but cool none the less

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lol, that is pretty funny. I dont think I have seen anything like that but i did see a hick riding a bike the other day with just shorts on, no shirt gloves or anything... I don't know about that, that would leave some pretty nice road rash if he were to take a spill

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