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Audi TT


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On my way home from work today I saw audi TT waiting at a light, his license plate is PWNED. It was some riced out TT, body kit, fart cans, 19 inch rims. I pulled next to him and he looked at the truck and grinned. He was blasting this loud techno/dance music :puke: and turned it on and said prepare to see my license plate. I just laughed and asked what year his TT was. He said 2000. The light turns green (His lane ends about 600m ahead). I grab a trucks length off the bat and pull another 2 lenghts when I was at 70. He signalled behind me and tailgated me until we got back to 2 lanes. I couldn't resist telling him that he PWNED. He was a good sport though, saying that he didn't expect that from a truck running 23s. Apparently he has a 1.8 I4 which is pretty slow. It wasn't a huge kill since it wasn't one of those 3.0 TTs but a kill is a kill.

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