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Well all summer long I've been running 15.0-15.2 in the heat with just a predator programming and well I put on some MSD wires and went to the track MIR this pass sat and ran a best of 14.89 with the hot weather and da 2500+ so I'm going to a local track this sat and trying for a 14.7 . My truck just tured 4000 miles and only mods are K/N,predator and MSD wires. My 60ft's are 2.13-2.15. I might try to do more tuning other then the performance factory setting in the predator.

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Those are pretty good times! Is it a 2wd or Awd?


Mine ran pretty similiar times with no mods except some drag radials. I only had around 1000 miles when I went though. Here is my quickest timeslip:




1/8 et------9.5293

1/8 mph----74.39

1/4 et------14.8632

1/4 mph----90.76


I should be back to the track soon. With the tune, headers, and CAI, I am hoping for a mid 14.

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