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I always wanted to see a yellow SS


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i agree, the corvette competition yellow would be cool. that's alot of bright color though. i'd like to see one in the same silver that is used on the TBSS or even the greystone metalic like jon's VHO has.

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My little brother in BC has bought a red SS-hes in the process of getting it ready to paint polar white. He's been a Vette guy for years and years-always made fun of me and my trucks...when he saw my SS I saw a gleam of that old sibling jealousy-next thing I know hes got one :) Poser :)


Not fair to call it a beater-its actually a nice truck, but someone let it sit under trees etc and the paint is screwed. He was the one who suggested the white and I think it will look awesome. Hes gonna break the bank on that paint job imho.


Now I dont so much agree with his ideas of red stripes on the rocker panels, or red interior...but hey, its his cash not mine...(Im trying to talk him out of those :) ) His first car was a 87 Monte Carlo SS Aerodeck, so I guess he is trying to go crazy nostalgic with it.


Just hope he gets it done right. Its already got a Volant and Corsa Sport, no front diff noise at all...should be nice

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