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Factory rotors flaking ?


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Anyone had problems with the factory brake rotors "flaking off"? :confused: Installed new tires today and noticed the right rear rotor looked like the outside face was flaking off near the outer edge. Its definately in the area where the pad contacts. Going to have to call the garage and let them take care before my warranty runs out. Nearing 30,000 miles now.

I rotated tires about 4000 miles ago and they were OK then.


By the way, just bought Kumho Ecsta STX in 275/55/20's - like 'em so far. They ride a bit stiffer than the Goodyear LS's but are more responsive and seem to stick better.

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HOLSTEIN :Posted Yesterday, 09:34 PM

  how much were your kumos a tire??


$167 each (mounted and balanced) plus tax-like $707 total


Bowtie70SS Posted Yesterday, 11:20 PM

  Those rotors flaking is common...I put 4 on my truck around 40K + emergency brake shoes, pads. Those rear rotors are damn expensive ($100 each)


Factory warranty better cover ! If not => time for brake upgrade :)

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