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California Car Cover's products usually fit really well, and they offer different fabrics depending on indoor/outdoor etc. Check them out.


Coscto used to also sell a decent outdoor weather resistant cover too, but I haven't looked there in a while...



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I'm thinking of getting a outdoor cover for mine as well. I dont know anything about car covers, how much will one cost around for our truck? The other thing that I'm worried about with a cover is scraching the paint, is this something that happens?

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Since my truck sits most of the time i figured I would get a cover to keep dust and rain off of it. 


What types are best to use out doors?



CoverCraft, they make them for California Car Covers and a lot of other vendors ...

The only covers which I have seen scratch are the cheap ones and usually

it's the seams that drag across the paint that scratch.


For Outdoors:

Covercraft has a great selection


For indoor use:

I currently use 2 Covercraft duststop covers, 1 car, 1 motorcycle.

I just ordered 2 Covercraft formfits for our new cars.



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