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Caught in the act...


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Well, I went to my favorite local bar tonight and when my buddies and I were walking back out to the vehicles we noticed that someone was in my van. The guy was trying to steal the stereo, but didn't get it done in time because we caught him still in the vehicle. I punched the side window to get his attention (any harder and I'd have broken it for sure) and he didn't know where the f**k to go. He finally made it out the sliding door on the side just to get greated by my buddy who popped him one and slammed him against the van. I got in there next and got ahold of him. It just so happened that a cop was pulling through the parking lot and went chasing after him. After yelling stop police and whacking him about 10 times with the baton he just kept trying to run. My buddies and I then went after him also and he was stopped when the cop Mase'd him. He f'd up the inside where the stereo goes trying to get it out, but got no where quick enough. The funny part is that he tried to say that it was his girlfriends car. Anyone that has seen my van could tell you that this is impossible. I'll try to post pic's of the beater tomorrow as well as the damage for amusement sakes. Pretty fun night overall.

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Holy shi# that's freakin' awsome!!!


Last weekend some A-hole cracked my passenger window to my G35. My daughter left her Ipod sitting on her seat :mad: but they didn't get it.


It feels better for me to know you busted one of them low lives.


Way to go!!!

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hell yeah, this was your astro van correct? that is so cool you caught him and got him to the cops. i dont think you could ask for a better outcome. its sucks your ride got messed up but at least you go tthe mofo. i would have had to bitch slap his ass even if he was in handcuffs already. thats a pretty cool story, mark one for the good guys!! :thumbs:

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I would of jumped in the van with him and taken him for a nice little one way ride !


But you guys did good ! I would of peronally knocked one of his teethe out. Every time he looks in the mirror its a visual reminder of what a dick he is/was !

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