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trailer connector question


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Got a question about the SSS trailer connector. To make a long story short, I am putting electric brakes on my trailer. I know all I have to do is add the brake controller to the SSS and I am good. MY question is when I read the info I have on the wires for the trailer, it is saying that the #4 spot on our plus is a power supply. I want to use that for the lights inside the trailer, but I don't seem to be getting power to that port on the plug? I had the trailer plug in and had no power to that wire and then I check the connector right on the SSS and had no power to it. I had brake lights, running lights, back up lights, electric brakes, and a ground, but that positive terminal was not working. Is there something I have to do to get it to work? I assumed that it would work. If anyone has any input it would be of great help. I need to know whether or not I can use that plug for power or not. If I cant I will just use the parking lights to power my lights inside my trailer. Thanks in advance to all for any input you can give me.





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I did turn the key to the on position, that is why I got stumped as to why there was not power. :banghead:


bennytheflash What fuse(s) are you refering to? It is in the engine compartment fuse box? I did not know about adding a fuse to make that work. ANy info on this would be great, thanks for the help, I am sure that is why I dont have power there.



05 SSS

78 malibu

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My Dealer gave me the 'GM Connection Package' when i bought the truck. It came with instructions on installing the brake controller, as well as the fuse that I needed to install. I'll take a look tomorrow, and see if I can find the instruction package again.


One other thing... The trailer lights (inside lights) work even if the ignition is NOT on. Good.... and Bad. Don't forget to shut the lights off in the trailer.

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Wiring diagram:





Never mind the harness and relay highlighted here (Radix intercooler pump stuff). But that fuse needs to be there for trailering, double check and make sure it is there. It was missing on my SS, and I had the factory trailer package :wtf:


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Here is where I mounted mine. The controller I got allows mounting at an angle. I can reach down and hit the manual brake when needed and it is far enough to the right to not get in the way of my knees.





I bolted the mount to an existing hole in the metal dash support. This way I didn't have to screw up the interior with holes in the plastic.



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