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Another front end noise...

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Well since I bought the truck I have had on-going front end issues. First was a re-built front diff at 50K. Then steering shaft replaced and right, front hub/ bearing assembly replaced. By 55K the low speed noise came back in the front diff (mainly when turning.) Had it checked by dealer, they said it's normal, whatever...


NOW, for about a week I have this sound at all speeds. It is not continuous howl, but sounds like a bristle broom brushing against something at a certain point in the tire's rotation (or something along those lines.) Ie: noise, then momentary pause, then noise.... I figured it was the left, front wheel bearing and was going to take it in to the dealer. Well yesterday morning, on the drive to and from work, no noise at all. Totally quiet. Today, it's back. I am no mechanic by any means, and really would like some sort of advise on what this could be. I like to walk into the dealer with knowledge of what is happening and hope someone could offer some suggestion. Do I have a warped rotor? My brakes are in good shape as far as pad life so it's not the warning tabs (besides that is a metal scratching sound.) This sounds like a bristle broom. I'm confused... thanks in advance, Ron.

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