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Ford/GM Merger


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Thank god none of us work for FoMoCo - if I were employed there right now I'd be scared shitless.  Maybe Lee Iacocca will come in and get them a loan from the government.  LOL


Mr. P. :)


:crackup: I'm surprised the unions let him do that with Chrysler back in the day, with the $2/hr pay reduction across the board... No way that would happen now. (We did an Iacocca case study in a project management course I took last week)



is that accurate ?? gm is 31.48 a share on the nyse and ford is 7.82 a share?? if so wow i didnt know there was that big of a diffrence gm isnt doing as bad as we thought


You've gotta look at their market caps, not share price. Ford is around 14.7B, GM 17.8B, they're not too far apart.

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