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willie nelson

Oo p0op oO

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depending on the laws in the stae it wont be that bad, did willie actually get charged or did someone on the bus get charged besides he has money so it will end up being a slap on the wrist.


Willie nelson is bad ass :cool:

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Heres what I got in an email this morning:






TFC Willie Williams

Louisiana State Police

Public Affairs / Troop I








September 18, 2006


On September 18, 2006, a Louisiana State Police Criminal Interdiction Unit stopped a 2005 Prevost Tour Bus to conduct a Commercial Vehicle Inspection. The traffic stop was conducted on the westbound lanes of Interstate 10 near milepost 110. When the door was opened and the Trooper began to speak to the driver, he smelled the strong odor of Marijuana in the bus. After smelling this, Troopers conducted a search of the bus. During the course of the search, approximately one and one-half pounds of Marijuana and approximately two-tenths of a pound of Mushrooms were located on the bus. Troopers placed the driver out of service. The following people were charged with Possession of Mushrooms and Possession of Marijuana: Tony Sizemore, 59 years old of St. Cloud, Fl.; Willie Nelson, 73 years old of Spicewood, Texas; Bobbie Nelson, 75 years old of Briarcliff, Texas; Gates Moore, 54 years old of Austin, Texas; and David Anderson, 50 years old of Dallas, Texas. Both of the narcotics are listed under Schedule I of the Louisiana Drug Law and all of the suspects were issued misdemeanor citations and released.

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