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Avalanche SS


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I had an idea, just a thought. Would anyone else be interested in a SS Avalanche? With LS2 blown at a modest boost, tuned exhaust, AWD, beefed up tranny. Slightly lowered suspension, nice 20 or 22 inch wheels. Rectractable or easily removable lid. All the interior perks of the SS, plus brushed aluminum accents. A GPS/SOUND system, but with a perk. A intergrated contol system, for ride control/suspension, and engine control (differnt engine modes, and transmission modes something like a towing, economy, touring, sport and Super Sport, and possibly a E-85 mode). HID headlight and fog lamps, LED signal lights. I would be first in line. If I had the cash I would build it myself.

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what brought this on? I may be interested, but price would be a big factor... :D

Well, I really like the look of the new Avalanche, but I know they are dogs performance wise. But if I could have the speed and performance of the SSS in a Avalanche I would be thrilled. I would have comfort for my passengers, and power and control for me.


Oh and I forgot to mention in the original post, a good braking system.


I have a lightly modded SS but I still love the performance. Wish I had more but I am going to hold out for a new toy. (Looks to the sky) Avalanche SS mmmmmm.........

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The price would be the big factor, and I just got my SSS before comeing to Korea so it only has 4000 miles on it. With all that you wrote there about it it almost sounds to nice and would be way out of my budget. I can make my SSS to beat that for half the cost. :chevy::flag::chevy:

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