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Well we have another piece of property with some buildings on it where we store stuff that we don't need at the moment such as our race trailers and our freightliner. One of the guys took our F-250 and loaded our race wheels in it to take them to Arizona to Bogart wheels to be disassembled and anodized where they are going to make us another set of wheels and reassemble them all. Instead of paying a sh!t load for shipping we decided it would be cheaper to pay the driver to drive them out there. When he got back he parked the truck in the yard. Well we also lease out like %50 of the yard to a trucking company who stores brand new Hino trucks which are kinda like the freightliner in size, they probably have anywhere from 50-100+ trucks there at any time. They provided their own "security gaurds" to keep watch on the trucks. Well I guess one of the night guys decided it would be ok to let his friends come over and do some drifting in the yard! Well I guess you can see how that turned out.




Sorry for the crappy pics I only had my phone with me at the time and had to get pics before it's flipped back over. I guess you get a good shot of our exhaust system!

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What is going to happen to the truck?

Well it's still on it's side because we are waiting for the insurance companies to come look at it and someone from the security company, but we assume it's gonna be totaled so it'll either go up for auction or the junkyard whatever the insurance company decides to do with it I'm sure because were most likely not gonna waste the time to get it fixed. It's a test truck anyways so they come and go. This one is like and 02 or 03 because it's been there since I started and I have been there for 3 years now. This is the only truck I know of that is still there since I started as far as test trucks go, so it looks like it's time has come.

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