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maybe time for an introduction


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well ive been here a couple of weeks and posted a couple of for sales' and question topics and just wanted to say that i am glad i traded my dodge in for an SS. ive always had the mod itch ever since my first car "69 fairlaine fastback" to my previous truck 01 dakota "kenne belle supercharged" to my new toy. only problem i have now is seperating enough money to finish my 69 bagged rivi and future mods on my SS. well two weeks down and about $8k in wheels/tires/tune/tint/etc for the SS, i guess the rivi can wait. glad to be a part of this forum.



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welcome to the site! love the jacks and fives how much you end up paying for the rims i seen some that were like 465 a wheel. you get a better deal then that? i love  em. :chevy:


thanks and yes i got a better deal. at cost. actually i sold my chrome twenties with rubber for more than i paid for my 22's with rubber!!! :cool:

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