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Some guy in a new dodge diesel truck with Alabama plates(I live in Ohio) stopped by the house today. He gave me this story:"We ordered too much asphalt and can't return it. I can repair your driveway, this 10X50 area for $900". I told him no thanks, all my neighbors got hit up too. Funny thing is he stopped by another neighbor yesterday and gave him the same story. Those guys are scammers, my mom and dads' 90 year old neighbors got burned about 10 years ago and lost around $2k. Just thought I'd give a heads up



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What do they just take the money or what?


No, usually they do the work ... But they add on WAY TOO MUCH "Extra" cost to the actual job. Or the just over quote it. If you get a real Company to do the job, it would be half the price. Plus, once they inflate the price, and you don't pay, some try to Strong Arm you. They mostly pray on the elderly people.


Many states have problems with outfits like this ... Contact your local PD and make a formal complaint. It may seem like a Pain in the A$$, but a paper trail is the only way to get/convict these guys.


I know in my area, anyone going door to door selling services, must register with the Local PD.

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We see them around this area too. A friends elderly parents were taken in. Guy offered to reseal their driveway for $300.00. All they did was spread around some used motor oil and tar.


There's also a group that goes aorund with pieces of shingles and tell homeowners that they are "roofers in the area" and saw pieces of the roof missing or something similar. They get a cash deposit and never return.


It's always good to be wary of any unsolicited home repairs.

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Our neighbors and I got together and did a group deal on having our driveways paved. The crew that did it actuallly had left-over material and did a driveway down the street for $500! (2300ft2, 3"packed). I payed $3400 for a 3500 ft2. They were legit.


BUT, buyer beware on that crap! If it is too good to be true, most likely it is.

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