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Smoked a Porsche Cayenne Turbo...


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So I am cruising back from Newport beach from a doc appointment, and getting off the 405 to head back to my house. I notice a NICE black Porsche Cayenne Turbo (didnt have the S though, just the turbo).. this thing looked sweet, had red calipers, clean paint, and sounded nice. A couple of older buisness men were driving it, and I noticed they were looking over into my truck and saying stuff... who knows. When the light turned green, they punched it... and took off.... I floored it as soon as I saw that (they were about 1 car ahead by that time) and I immedietly reeled them in, and blew their doors off.... no lie. I let off about 90mph and I was at least 7-8 truck lengths ahead.


I looked in my rear view mirror as we were approaching the next light, and I could see the passenger making hand gestures and talking about how friggen fast I passed them hahah :jester: So at the next light, I didnt think they would want to go again, and what do you know.. they hit it again!! I let them get about 5 cars ahead, then I punched it, and caught them quickly and put another few lengths on them.


At the next light, the guy rolled down his window and asked what is 'in that thing'. I responded "Just a K&N air filter" :devil::devil: He kinda laughed like he knew I was BSing, and he said "Not bad, but you must have all those extra gauges for a reason!" and I just laughed, and told him his ride was sweet and asked if that was the 450hp version. He said ya, but its REALLY heavy... so I told him my truck weighs over 5300lbs, not a big difference. I then asked to do one more race on green, so that we start off even again... he agreed.


I brake torq'd it to 2000....light turned green... and I was GONE. You should have seen his face when I launched.. it was an 'OH SHIT' look (even though I only saw his face for a split second :cool: ) and I put 10 cars on him no problem by 75-80... I slowed down, and he made a right turn and gave me a thumbs up.... really cool guys... especially for being 45+ years old !! :thumbs::thumbs:

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I would like to, but were going to the Hughes/Penn UFC fight tomorrow... gonna have a little tailgater before the fight.... I want to run the truck... but I cant miss this ! Plus, I still need to put in my 160 stat... i was getting 5-6* of KR for a while until I put some TR6 plugs in. Now I get 3-4... hopefully the stat will get it down to 1-2... then it will be ready to be worth racing and getting a timeslip. I will probably have longtubes on it soon, and maybe the GT2-3 cam.

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