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new pics with drop kit

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more pics now with the truck lowered.











pretty sure i'm happy with the appearance now.


two things. zero rubbing and rides worlds better. im honestly shocked about both.


time to move into the realm of horsepower. hooray. :D

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First of all, it looks reeaaalll good!!! Secondly, I'm almost positive you can use the leafs with either shackles or hangers. You would probably want to use hangers to achieve the height you're looking for. Some other members will know for sure. I'm very happy with my 2/2 drop- although I wouldn't mind a little more and some new sway bars. :D First things first- get more power out of this biatch! :cheers:

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I honestly didn't think that those wheels would look good on the truck. But they are damn good looking.  :thumbs:


i guess technically its not a "kit" drop spindles up front and shackles in rear. i bought nitro shocks all around but the fronts were wrong and after driving it for a couple of days now im just gonna return them. not needed. :dunno:

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