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hp tuners question


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i am wanting to buy hp tuners for my g/f cobalt ss/sc and for my silverado ss/radix. here is the package i think i need to buy.




is this the programming software i want?


1. how much are credits to do more vehicals?

2. what else do i need to connect my lm-1 wideband set up to it?

3. does this do real time "RTT"

4 does it work with 1,2,3 bar maps?

5. difference between pro and standard? i think it's only the licences right?

6. can i data log with out the computer?

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I would e-mail them and ask. Every time I contacted them they replied really quick. I believe that to upgrade to 2 bar SD it just costs more credits, and to hook up the wideband you need the MPVI cable. I'm not 100% positive though.


Also if you decide to do the whole year (03) I'll throw you some $$ and you can hook me up with a speed density tune also.




You need a computer hooked up to log, and real time means that changes take effect immediately as soon as you press the button while the computer is hooked up to the truck and you flash it when you're done adjusting. Don't let it overwhelm you...there's a lot to learn but it comes quickly.



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well i just bought the pro version so i excited a heck to get it and start learning. with the pro i can do real time tuning, remote loggin' with out the computer. if i understand it will work directly with my lm-1 wideband. this will be awesome with my new gt2-3 i'm about to add...... :driving:

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