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Any online poker players?


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About 3 months ago I was introduced into the wonderful world of Texas Holdem' and I love it. I play almost every night on ultimatebet.com I don't play for real money, just play with the fake chips and play in the free tournaments. On ultimatebet.com everyone starts out with 1000 chips and if you lose those you can get them back for free. Right now I have over 1,300,000 chips in my account. The special tournaments go on all day at different times and for differnt things. Like one I played in last night there were about 2800 people who played and you had to finish in the top 50 to get a place for this weekends big tournament. I placed 18th. What this means is that if I can place in the top 10 in this weekends tournament, I get to play in another tournament for real money where they (ub.com) pay the buy in. Those tournaments usually pay a couple thousand dollars to the winner. I haven't tried any other sites, but is there any specific one that you play?

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hmm, lets see - I used to lose money on pokerstars and absolute poker...theres just something about seeing 4 of a kind like 3 hands in a row that strikes me as odd :crazy: (shit like that happens a lot - you do see many more hands in one sitting but still weird stuff happens a lot..just my little disclaimer) :crazy:

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