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I went to wash my truck today and was asked if I would be willing to sell my truck, I said sure I would for the right price, as most would. I just don't know what the right price is, that is my issue. Some of you all saw my truck this weekend, like most here it is forever clean, and kept in order. So here are the details. Tell what I should be a good price.


2003 Black only missing option is onstar

30,000 miles

belltech drop

Reflexxions cowl/scoop hood

Clarion 935vrx dvd/cd touch screen

Alpine type R sub custom fiberglass box

Jbl bp-1200.1 amp

Ps2 wireless controllers

Extang soft bed cover

Factory bedliner

Outlaw intake

magnaflow cat-back exhaust

Zippy tune

Billet grill powdercoated black chrome


That is all I can think of right now, but if this sale goes through, I will have a set of JBA shorty headers, Baer Alumasports, and a TBTC for sale as well.



Thanks, Tj

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if someone wants it that bad id say start at 26k and go from there


:withstupid: Start a little high, your in no need to get rid of the truck. That's actually how I manged to sell my svt cobra. I was stopped in a home depot parking lot and some guy asked me how much I wanted for the car, and eventually it happened.

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i've been asked several times by random people if they could buy my truck. One guy actually seemed very very serious,.....until i told him i wanted $60K. Now i know my truck is not worth anywhere near that price, but it is to me so i'd need atleast that much to start a new project.

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