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Any SSS want to meet up in Newark, DE?


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Yea I have a dodge ram...Ive been a member here for a while. I also drive a 98 silverado 4x4. And im a chevy man at heart. I would of bought an SSS if I had the money at the time.


I have my truck up to school with me this week because it needed to be driven. So if anyone wants to meet up and check out trucks let me know. Im not meeting up to necessarily race. But it you want to go for a cruise or whatever im down. I have met up with one of your members WezarrSS&R1 in the past. And I know LdogSS lives in this area. I sent him a PM. Im going back home this weekend and will probably put my truck away for the winter at that time and drive my chevy. So this is pretty much the only time until next spring if anyone wants to meet up.

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