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possible winter project


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I'm kicking around taking the SS out of service as my tow rig, I'm not sure if (or why) I would keep it if I do that, but like I said I'm just kicking it around. I'm not sure I could part with the SS just yet. Anyway I had been looking at 2000-2002 Yukons and Tahoes. But then I started thinking about doing something different.

This one has me really interested...I've got a 454 and and 4 speed sitting in the garage that I would drop ing there. Find a bed for it and maybe flat black paint with some pinstripes, almost ratrod style...I'm not sure but I think we could build something that would really turn heads. They have it listed for $3,450 I'm not sure it's worth that though check out the pics




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I've seen those trucks with later model dually beds...88-00. One of those beds would look sweet on that truck, the styling is close enough it looks right. A 454 4 speed would be nice, does that thing have a 2 speed rear axle? That would be even better



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That could be real fun -- especially with a 3" chop :)


oh hell yeah and a mean n/a motor big block would be cool.

Yeah that's exactly what I'm thinking. I'll drop the 454 in there, throw a nice cam at it and basicly no exhaust. You think it'll make it back up the boat ramp? :D

That would make a cool rig...you would be time and money ahead to get a wrecked late model dually and swap the cab over, can you say Duramax? That would be awesome.



duramax is probably out of the budget, I'd like to be into it for under 10K when I'm finished. Parts are really going to be my only cost on it though, I can either do, or know someone who can do everything to it.


Somebody please photochop a pickup bed on this. This could be a really neat project.  :cheers:


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