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Cam with stock heads

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If I wanted to do a mild cam with my stock heads would it be worth it? I mean I don't want to spend a ton of money on heads and I would install the cam my self. Can someone point me to a cam that would be good for my situation?

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Hell yea just a cam is worth it. Cost to HP ratio is just about the highest you can get besides N2O. A good cam and a high stall converter can get you a full second in the 1/4 mile. Keep in mind that tuning will be necessary to take full advantage of the cam's profile. At a minimum you will want to bump the shift points, adjust the misfire hits to prevent a DTC, adjust your idle controls and dial in your AFR. Being in NJ, I would keep it below 224 for emmissions issues.


Before anyone can give you a cam suggestion, you have to list your future plans and your needs for the truck. More than likely you will need better springs to go along with your new lumpy stick. :driving:

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