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Random Pics

Oo p0op oO

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im also on the edge of taking over the payments on a rhino. there alot of fun but scary when you roll them!!


lol ive rolled that one...rhinos are so bad ass check out RHINO CRAFT


its pretty crazy to think people have 25,000 bucks in a rhino

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check out my new boxer puppy. :cool:




Please tell me your Girlfriend/Wife made you do it?????? :jester:


Nice Puppy .... And that Camaro is SWEEEEEEET!!!!!!



def. not my idea...my mom kinda went crazy with the puppy accessories.

cant u tell how happy she looks?

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Nice stuff :thumbs:  More pics and info on the camaro PLEASE, maybe even in a seperate post!



i dont know all the specs...but what i do know is every thing down to the bolts

and washers are off the showroom floor and once the engine is in it, it will be a "10 second car." is what my friend says. its his dads. :cool:



ill get the specs and some more pics of the car and engine for you guys.

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