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finally emailed futural

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i finally emailed allen at futural motorsports about a custom cam. hopefully he will have some good news for me about what he could do for my truck. i want something a little extra just incase i decide to run a hemi and he has a little something else. ok i was bored so i decided to post this.

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I have the same truck as you and Allen recommended these cams.


FM1-F11-114 FMS Custom Grind Camshaft - 228"/230" .576"/.595" 114LSA - aggressive profile with a 2200-6600 RPM range, fair idle


FMS Custom Grind Camshaft - 224"/228" .588"/.576" 114LSA - aggressive profile with a 1800-6600 RPM range, fair idle


FMS Custom Grind Camshaft - 226"/230" .575"/.595" 114LSA - semi-aggressive profile with a 2000-6800 RPM range, fair idle


I wanted a decent idle with good mid range and up top. You will need a stall somewhere in the 2600-3200 range.


I was considering the 228/230 but any of these would work on the street. that was my main concern.

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Any of those cams would work well in your truck. The F11 on a 114LSA is more a 'racy' cam than a 'rowdy' cam IMO. Several of the f-body guys have used that grind with stage-II ported heads and achieved 450-hp on a LS1. And since you have a few more cubic inches that will 'water down' the cam a hair, it will be a touch tamer and a couple hundred rpm lower with its powerband. I would use the F11 and add a very good set of headers. You will need a converter for any of these cams, the TBTC (or equivalent) would be a perfect choice.


Mr. P.


ps - link to F11 cam vid, vid #2

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