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License Plate Lighting

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Hi guys


I'm waiting for my BSER roll pan and thinking about the license plate lighting options. I have the Stylin Concepts bolts with the lights in them but I am having second thoughts on these. Has anyone installed these on a daily driver that will see rain, snow, salt (Got to love the midwest)? I wash about every 3 to 6 weeks in the winter. Will these bolt/lights hold up? Has anyone kept the factory lighting and used it on the BSER pan...if so pics please. Thanks


Spoke w/ a friend who owns a body shop and he will be helping me with the install/paint. I don't plan on molding the pan to the truck for now.



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I have the lighted bolts your talking about. In my opinion there nice looking but are real dim...Barely even see the plate lighted at night from about 5 feet away :banghead: . I would look into another route...JAc

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I don't believe the spare tire needs to be removed, but it looks like @$$ hanging below the rollpan. As for the hitch, it must be removed and replaced with a hidden hitch to allow for the rollpan or just leave it off like some of us.

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