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Done Grieving


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Ok, so now I am pretty much done grieving the loss of my 04 SS. :nonod:


So in the persuit of replacing it I have been looking for either another 04 or an early 05. :driving:

But I just ran across a really nice 03 and was wondering if there was any differences between the 03 and the 04? Like electronics, engine (LQ9), components, etc.


Anyone have any info that might help me out here? :dunno:


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IMO the 03's have the better fuel system (return style), easier fuel filter swap and a different thermostat. Other than that there are a handful of cosmetic differences, fabric on the upper door instead of leather, key access to the passenger side, red outlined tail lights instead of black and alot of the "standard options" were made true options for 04+. Of course in 05 (I believe) the E-fans were standard which would have been a nice touch in 03.


Do a search, there are alot of discussions on this.

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