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some people were wondering

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So i decided to install some fog lights the other day because it was foggy and i wanted fog lights.



So i went down to the local walmart and grabbed some offroad lights i think they were baja desert fox lights, nothing fancy only like 20 bucks. They came with some wire and and an inline fuse.


Before i go further i really like toggle switches so this was just one more thing for me to put a switch to as well.







so i drilled some holes in the plastic peices and put some toggle switches and led's so when the switches are on.....








the switch on the far right is for some led lights i put under my dash so at night time there is a red glow at your feet, maybe kinda ricey but i like it picture doesn't look that great but i think its sweet




The switch to the left is for the fog lights, still need to put 2 more switches in but havn't figured out what they will do yet, so if anyone has any suggestions ...


wiring the lights was probably the worst part of the deal. because i had to go through the firewall. We went from the positive of the battery to the switch, then took the positive of the switch and ran it to the lights, and just ran the lights in series to a ground. it was a little more complicated then that to get the led to work at the same time, so if your interested just pm me.

............ continued.......................

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Mounting the lights wasn't that bad there under the front bumber there is a metal plate with some holes in the plate so i saw these holes and decided that was my mounting point so a purchased some long bolts and just bolted both sides of the lights and both sides of the hole. i put the lights at the desired level and secured them.


I'm not sure what the metal plate is for and on bumpy roads the lights bounce a little but ... :dunno::dunno:









i thught they turned out pretty good though







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there are a few guys on here with the factory silverado fogs in the brake duct vents.


check out usabodygaurd he has the ss bumper with light in the ducts but his are hid's and damn they're bright as hell, even in the middle of the day...It's the blue one...TruckMeet004.jpg



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