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Suspansion bounce

Luaderdale SS

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This is my first SS and I have had it for one month. My question is, is the ride in these trucks that bumpy? I have tried different tire pressures from 26 to 40 PSI and the truck still seems bouncy. Even at different speeds from 15 to 80 MPH. I dont know if SS's have a natraully bumpy ride, or I have flat spots in the tire or what? PLEASE GIVE YOUR OPINION.



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There isnt much stiff about my suspension. if i hit a good size bump in the road (especially on I-20 West to dallas) my truck is jumpin everywhere.

It might just be the 42k miles on it though  :sigh:


cut 1 " off all 4 of your bumper stops, it will make a world of differance.

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