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Doing the big 3 today...Will post my test results


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Man O Man...It sounds like I just recieved a free 100 watts :D I just can't believe it took me so long to do this.

My amps were starving for juice and keep in mine it's a low power system. I'm running 2 amps one is tuned to 300 watts for my sub and the 4 channel is tuned to 60 watts front and 30 watts for rear fill. My suburban has a new altima battery and came with 140 amp ALT. My amp ground is bolted to the frame and all my wire is jl quality 4 gauge . All conectors from battery to amps are top quality. Just to give you an idea the system is done right.


My volt readings all came at my distrubution block located at my amps. These results all came from the same song and truck at idle,no A/C. I took the low bass hit volt reading from the same song.


Test befor upgrade...... 3/4 volume....


Bass hit reading was between 13.1-13.2 volts


Between bass hits the volts would go no higher then 13.7



After doing the big three with 4 gauge wire.


Bass hit reading was 13.8 and consistant unlike above.


Between bass hits it would shoot up to 14.10-14.14 :)


I though 14.4 was the highest possible volts?


Hope you like what you see? This is real world results.


Merry chrismas everyone.......



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The big three upgrade is

upgrading the grounds/wires

1) Battery negative to chassis

2) Alternator to battery positive

3) Chassis to engine

One of the many sites and How-To's


Ive been wanting to do it but need time and a soldering gun

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Well if that's the result, I guess I don't need to do it then. I don't "thump" like I used to, hell that's the reason why I can't hear now!  :lol:



r8rs4lf = old fart


lol j/k


Exactly!!!! But that 5.1 surround sound does sound bad @$$!!!!!!!!! :cheers:

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It looks like I screwed up :)


1-I did neg to frame


2-ALT to distrubution box


3-Distrubution box to pos on battery


I really diden't think this would benifit my system at all because I never had the typical problems like dimming light etc. I did notice driveing to get pizza my volt gauge is steady and slightly above 14volts. It use to flutter back and forth befor the upgrade.

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