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F/S Brand New Xtang Tonneau Cover


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I have tried to sell this thing on ebay like 2 times now but no body seems to want it. :banghead: It is a gift certificate for ANY bed cover for any make/model truck that extang offers. I won it at the charity action last year than decided to go with a fiberglass toneau cover. I called up Extang and they told me it is valued at up to $750 dollars, I'm just trying to get my $350 back out of it. They offer several different stlye soft tonneau covers. The key feature that convinced me to buy it in the first place is you can order whatever custom color you want so the cover will match your truck. I have yet to see anybody with one other than in black so you'd definatly have something original! :driving:




you can check out there stuff at: Extang!

If you want to verify that it is a valid certificate just call up the phone number at the web site and ask for Renee Dettling

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I'll have to call up Extang today and see what they have to say. I know when I looked at there bed covers I found the same as you with the most expensive being about $450. But that didn't include the color top or any of there other accessories. I don't know how much extra those things cost, hopefully I'll find out today. I'm not trying to rip anybody off I'm just trying to get my money back out of it. I'm guessing I might have to save it for my next truck or loose money on it which I'd rather not do. I'll reply when I get more info!

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I'm dropping the price to $300.

I had the pleasure of talking to Renee with Xtang today. She informs me that the price giving to me was a BS price and that the highest MSRP they have on a cover is just under $500 :shakehead: She says you can add the color option for under a hundred bucks. You can find them cheaper online. usually $200-400 (with out the custom color top) So if your looking for the Trifecta, the ExtangRT, or there new Express tonno you'd be getting a deal with my certificate. The cheapest price I could find was through the site Kim just posted. www.truckaddons.com The three of them run from $320 to $380 depending on which you want. They don't mention the custom color option You'd probably have to email them to get a price on that. Happy Holidays everybody!

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