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What kind of amp do I need?


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Hi guys,


I just bought a Rhino Lined Probox along with 2 12" Diamond D3 4 Ohms. I bought it from another member here on the forum. The box is real sweet and will fit perfectly under the rear bench, alot better that my triangle single 12" box that grabs one place in the back and blocks my passenger seat to move backwards :banghead:


Anyways, I doubt that my current amp will be enough to move those subs so what kind of power should I be looking to get decent bass without cooking anything? I will receive the subs soon and I will have the paperwork but so far I just have received the box as it was shipped by UPS.







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I ended up with a Kenwood 1100W. I will have 550 Watts RMS for the two 12's at 2 ohms. It should be plenty since I now have only 100 RMS watts for my single 12 and it's still quite a bit of pounding. Rockfdord Fostgate though :cheers:

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